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Brrrrrr…Get Me out of Here!

In Rants on January 3, 2010 at 11:13 pm

It is cold.  Let me rephrase.  It is bitterly cold!  I admit I have been spoiled in recent years by attending undergrad in the South.  I remember laughing at my peers from Florida who would go out and buy a peacoat in 50-degree weather.  I laugh a lot, and personally, I find those unacquainted with cold weather and snow highly entertaining when the temperature drops below 40.  It’s like all common sense sprints right out of the door!  People start to panic, forget how to drive, start dressing a hotmess in some vain attempt to keep warm – in sum, they quickly lose their minds.

You know that saying, Whenever you point your finger at someone, 4 fingers are pointing back at you ?!?  Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now.  Granted, I feel justified feeling this cold and panicked when I’m out in the elements, however, I feel like God is paying me back for laughing at my friends not too long ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cold weather.  I like being bundled up, getting prepped to go out, seeing my breath as I walk down the street.  The cold makes me feel more alive and more aware of every inch of my being…that is, until I start to lose feeling in my extremities.  I remember all the snow storms we had growing up and the sheer awesomeness of a snow day – waking up early, lying in bed waiting for your school to be named on the radio, only to go right back to sleep under your warm sheets and out to play with your friends later, building snowmen and forts, going sledding, and making snow angels.  Gee, seems like we never got cold back then! I absolutely love snow and the way it mutes all the commotion of my everyday life.  Have you ever experienced the aftermath of a blizzard?  Suiting-up to go shovel-out, only to find yourself panting after a good 25 minutes of hard labor to hear near silence all around you.  It’s one of my favorite experiences of nature on Earth.

However, for all the loving memories cold and snow conjure up within me, there is nearly an equally long list of negatives that pops into my mind.   As an older, more mature individual with increased responsibility, snow is no longer a best friend.  Of recent, snow has meant being late for work attempting to shovel-out after an impromptu winter blast.  Or, it has meant starting my day at home in frightful anticipation that my car will just keep turning over and not start, leaving me stranded at home…or even worse, that when I get off at midnight, I will be stranded at work – yikes!  While snow still can mean a snow day, what comprises that term has changed.  Now, snow days mean studying and fearing a revised syllabus that will cram lectures together to compensate for lost time (granted, I’m not currently in school, but this was my experience last year).

Let’s face it, now that I’m older, I feel the cold that my sensory neurons were once able to ignore.  And, it hurts!  I can deal withcold, but this winter has been ridiculously windy. I can’t stand the wind basically whipping my body around at its pleasure. I feel like nature’s ragdoll, used and abused.  That’s not fun.  The temperature with the wind-chill the other day was 3! 3!!!!!! That’s not fun either.  Makes you want to not come out of hiding until we reach near freezing levels.

All this recent intense wintry conditions have had me re-evaluating my medical school choices.  Why did I apply to so many schools in cold regions??? Yes, I know, because I love being near family and I love the changing of the seasons. However, every time the temperature dips into the teens, I can’t help but take a peep on weather.com to see what the weather’s like in New Orleans.  Then, I get very jealous and eager.  I know their summers are oppressive, however, in the cold of the moment, I think I am willing to trade stabbing bitter pain for sticky hotness and mosquito bites…I think.