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2 Down, 1 to Go…

In applying to med school, interviews, Rants on October 6, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Two interviews down and one more to go before I sink into the silent abyss awaiting a new interview invite.  Yikes.  I liked having my first interviews spread about 1.5 weeks apart.  It kept me on my toes!  I prepped incredibly hard for the first one, then having another one so close to it made me stay on that elevated state of being, pumped up on epinephrine and endorphins.  The same thing is going on now.  I admit, my anxiety, and consequently, energy level has slightly declined since my first interview, however, I’m still up in that realm.  What’s going to happen when I finish my last scheduled interview next Tuesday???  Will I be able to motivate myself to stay up-to-date with the health care reform debate or the latest medical developments?  What if I don’t get another interview until January?!?  That’s a good 3-4 months away… Will my anxiety level ratchet back up?  Will I lose some of my interviewing “finesse” I have been refining??  Will I be a hot-nervous wreck , checking my e-mail roughly 100x a day?!?  

Now, that last one I can answer – YES!  I know me, and I know how I’ve already been this application cycle – frantically checking both email accounts (in case an email accidentally gets sent to an old email address) hourly.  smh.  Patience is not my strongest point, but I do believe God is using this time to help me develop some of it.  I honestly don’t know how I’d do sitting for the next few months without hearing a word from anyone.  To be quite honest, after a few weeks, I’d probably pick up the phone and give one school in particular a ring to see what exactly is going on – not quite sure what I’d say, but I do have some words for them…  Otherwise, I guess I’d start working on update letters, as well as letters of interest.

Even in this crazy process where there seems to be ample amounts of quiet time, don’t be mistaken – there is no such thing as down time.  If SDN has taught me one thing, it’s this – anytime you’re sitting back relaxing, chilling, cooling out, or just breathing, there is some crazy neurotic, desperate pre-med out there doing whatever they can to give their application a little bit of an edge.  People are out there volunteering hours they don’t have, doing activities they don’t want to do just to add an additional 40 hours of service (like that will really stack up against applications with 100s of hours of service over years…eh, let them have false hope), sucking up to family friends who happen to be doctors for an additional letter of recommendation to add to their file, etc.  In sum, there are some out there constantly doing.the.most. around the clock.  Now, do I really think this will pay off for them?  Eh, probably for some of them.  I like to think that AdComs can see thru the b.s., but experience has showed me this type of nonsense works sometimes.  Anywho, as annoying as these people are (often also the most verbal of the SDN gang), they keep me on my toes.  They remind me that there is never a time to slack off or grow comfortable – someone is always there, positioned to take your seat!  So, to the obnoxious SDNers that keep typing away nonsense online, trying to make others as paranoid and anxious as you, I say THANK YOU! Mwah!