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Overdue Update

In medical school, public health, research on July 9, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Wowsers, it’s been a minute since I’ve stopped by this page.  My apologies. Relocating, summer MPH courses, and meeting new classmates has taken over my life.  It’s interesting really.  Back home, I’d say electronic communication was fairly integrated into my daily activities.  Down here, I hardly go online save during class – such a bad habit, I know.  I rarely watch tv or get on my laptop unless it is something school-related.  And it’s not like I’m swamped with work or anything of the sort, I guess I am just slowly transforming into a local and picking up their lifestyle habits.  Bye-bye fast-paced, cold tri-state area, hello warmth and relaxtion!

I usually stray from personal updates on this blog, but I feel inclined to share a little of what I am learning and what has been occurring in my life.

As previously mentioned, I am enrolled in an MD/MPH program and am focusing on epidemiology.  As it currently stands, I hope to use this MPH coursework to better understand how to study disease among a population, as opposed to individual treatment, how to recognize patterns and trends, and how to implement new procedures and treatments to help allievate the burden of disease on a population.  Vague? Yes, but I am of the mind that at this point in our careers it is better to start broad and narrow in as we go along, rather than start with a limited scope and miss out on opportunities.  I figure that with this broad overarching theme guiding my studies it might also help me eliminate possible specialties.  Aside: already out of the running are Peds (unless a pediatric specialist) and OB-GYN.  While I am not a fan of these introductory courses all MPHers are required to take, I am hoping that the upperlevel courses will be more applicable and relatable to the role and responsibility of a physician.  I like epi because it translates well into any specialty I chose.  As a bonus, I’m thinking that it also has the potential to make me a more attractive residency applicant – I mean, what program wouldn’t want a doctor who wants to really focus on and research a pressing issue in that specialty and who has learned the techniques to do so?  I smell a potential for breakthroughs, which leads to a potential for positive attention (re: money) for that institution.  Perhaps I’m overreaching, but I’m trying to stay positive and hope for the best – after all, this other degree isn’t cheap…I’m going to make it work for me! Lol

In other news, it looks as if I’ll be transitioning from clinical research to more translation and/or bench research – and I’m amped for it!  At the moment, I am unsure what I want to specialize in, but am leaning heavily towards surgery, with neuro coming in a close second and maybe emergency med.  I will start working with a surgeon here on some research. Aaaaaand, not only is it in surgery, but it’s regarding organ transplants!!! All you have to do is scroll a few posts back to see how much this area of medicine personally interests me.  I think it’s great because even if I wind up not doing surgery, I will be grateful to have contributed in some capacity to the knowledge database in this arena.  In addition, she is working on many projects with  long-range potential involvement, meaning there will be many opportunities for me to learn numerous different aspects of research and to gain invaluable experience.  Only downside is it’s not paid, BUT we know experience really is invaluable, so I’m all smiles.

So, that more or less brings us up to speed.  With that being said, I’m out again.  Hope you’re staying cool where ever you are…this heat around the country is slightly ooc – Hello, Global Warming!