Mini Bio

Hey there! I started this blog as a pre-medical Jersey girl who moved back home to save some money/get out of debt as I spent the 2009-10 application cycle applying to medical school.  I found myself with a plethora of free time and very little to do.  I landed a job that allowed me to work at home, basically reading 8 hours of the day.  The remainder of my time was divided as such – 30% is spent reading for fun, sleeping, chatting with friends, drawing, and brushing up on music, and the other 70% is spent nervously checking my e-mail, status pages on med schools’ websites, and surfing SDN and MDapps (links below under ‘resources’).  I figured, since I spend so much time nervously on-line, why not write about the crazy thoughts flying threw my mind and invite others a glimpse into this insane application process?

So, I invited you into My World: a world where your standing is questioned daily, your sanity is repeatedly pushed to the brink, and limited human contact, paired with an idle mind, turns to internal self-destruction!

Now, having successfully survived that crazy medical school application process, I continue to occasionally blog (med school is demanding of time! I’m going to try to do better this semester).  I reflect on my current status, as well as retrospectively analyze the application cycle and maybe even undergrad (DUKE DUKE!).  These are my thoughts and opinions.  I claim to be an expert in nothing, save myself.  Some of the ideas expressed here are firm beliefs of mine, while others are transient thoughts I indulge myself in exploring.  Don’t take anything I write too seriously, and you should be fine.

Enjoy and stay blessed!

  1. Great blog, I wish you luck on this journey (I’m going through the same thing!). May I ask, how did you find your job? I’ve been looking for a while for a job that allows me to work from home; I’ve got a good deal of “free time”, but the hours I’m available aren’t really conducive to a normal part-time job. Thanks in advance and again good luck!

    PS- I’m a fellow SDNer – D and D

    • I actually lucked out…this was not planned. I finished my program in May, and literally applied to 100+ jobs between April and July of this year. I was unemployed for the entire summer. All job leads I had fell through (either due to hiring freezes or just unorganized offices). I applied to this job thinking I was under-qualified, and as it turns out, I was a pretty good fit for the job. Since everything we do is on a computer program we all had to download on our laptops, there is no need to come into the office (Except for occasional meetings).

      Just try to stay positive and keep looking. Fortunately, I like in an area that has tons of hospitals, universities, and universities hospitals. While I was rejected by at least 99, all it takes is one! Also, I tried craigslist and was even about to hit up the career services office at my alma mater. Good luck!

  2. Keep blogging! I love this blog and you are a great writer 🙂

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