Skittles and an Iced Tea vs a 9mm

In Rants on March 19, 2012 at 1:42 am

My goodness. Lately, I’ve been pretty much locked away in my Step 1 bubble/cave. When I peak out, what awaits me but this?  I’ve been wanting to write something on this topic for a little while, but I’ll let a fellow blogger’s well-written letter speak for me on this one (or at least for now).  Granted, I’m not a Black male, so I can’t 100% identify, but let’s just say as a Black female, my feelings don’t diverge much.

Trayvon Martin

Additional disturbances (in no particular order):

1) The dispatcher’s questioning if the suspect was Black or Latino – how does that change the “suspiciousness” of his activity?!?

2) Zimmerman…and the cops The cops involved in this heinous crime…Zimmerman’s past with the cops.  We all know how differently Zimmerman would have been treated (re: locked up with key tossed) if he were Black in America.  And he still hasn’t been arrested or charged.  He wasn’t tested for drugs and alcohol that fretful night (standard procedure).

3) Martin’s cries for help had me in tears.  Listen at your own risk – they are haunting.

4) The fact that he was visiting a friend in a gated community – a place he should have been safest – and yet was gunned down…tears yall

To be honest, none of this surprises me. It’s just a vivid reminder of where we are. Blacks are still getting gunned down (by cops, by racists, by both). Apparently, birth control is still being debated, as well as other women’s rights that I (mistakenly?) thought had been settled decades ago. I swear, I poke my head out for just one moment and I feel like I’ve time warped back to the 1940s.

Back into hiding I go…

  1. Wow, sad. Definitely reminiscent of Amadou Diallo

  2. No post in a year!!! How is everything going with you lady?? How’s medical school treating your? Updates PLEASE!!
    I hope all is well!

  3. Hi! How have you been? Any updates? I’m assuming you’re done with Med School by now or at least in your last year!! 🙂
    Have you selected a specialty?
    Please post an blog with the latest and greatest…

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