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KFC – Are you Kidding Me?!?

In health, Rants on May 3, 2010 at 10:37 pm

So, I’m sitting here watching the re-run of the Project Runway finale (yes, I love the show!

), and this new, horrid KFC commercial pops up.  They have these guys talking in squeaky, high-pitched voices about how puny regular fast food sandwiches are (because they’re not loaded with calories…) and how they are never full after eating one. Then they transition to their normal, manly voices to talk about the New, KFC Double Down Sandwich.  I guess the notion is cut out the bread and double up on the basics…right. I’m all with the removal of white flour from the American diet, but I’m pretty sure doubling up the amount of greasy, fried food is not the way to go.

Just looking at it makes my stomach churn a bit and my arteries cringe a bit in fear.  Granted, this pic is not the glam shot of the Double Down offered to consumers by KFC marketing, but is more of a raw, butt-naked view of what your money buys you. Here’s the nutritional information straight from it’s homepage: For the “Original Recipe” (re: Fried), 540 Cal, 32g Fat, 1380g Sodium. But have no fear, you can get the “healthier” (re: Grilled) option for 460 Cal, 23g Fat, and 1430g Sodium. I wish there was a smiley for jaw-dropping!

For those of you familiar with the show The Boondocks on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), at first glimpse, KFC’s sandwich resembles the notorious and comical Luther Burger.  This is a good synopsis from Wiki: “Granddad goes home and prepares some food for his new venture. His first creation is the Luther Burger: “A full pound burger patty covered in cheese. Grilled onions, five strips of bacon, all sandwiched between…two Krispy Kreme donuts.” Huey looks over the menu and informs Granddad that he can’t serve this food to people as it will cause death. Riley tastes the Luther, and falls out of his chair, declaring candidly that “this is what crack must feel like.” He then passes out, waking up briefly a short time later, affirming that the Luther is the “best thing ever.” Granddad leaves him to sleep the itis off and opens the restaurant.”

Something tells me that if I were to ever try to eat the Double Down, I’d find myself in a situation very similar to Riley’s – passed out and near death.  And KFC would do as Granddad did, walk away making money.  I mean, that sandwich has diabetes, HTN, CAD, and a few other things written all over it…just asking for a heart attack!

America, I do not understand – why do we keep doing this to ourselves?!? And who is asking for these things?!? Can we get more truly healthier options for on-the-go? I’d love to see that. I know the demand’s there…where is the supply? Look at Chipotle. Healthy, fresh, organic food that you can grab while out.  Every time I’m there, there’s a line out the wazoo!  Sure, you can consume too many calories there as well, but look at the difference. I’d rather see America eating too many calories from natural, organic, farm-raised products than from junk manufactured in some lab…

I was talking to a good friend in the city the other week and the topic of American “nutrition” (or a lack thereof) came up. She was saying how some British guy was visiting their office and was appalled at the way Americans ate. He flat out asked why our government allows this to occur. That’s right, the government. Even he knows the government has the power to reign in the disgusting habits of our fast food chains, and yet, they don’t.  I do appreciate the efforts undertaken in my local major cities (New York and Philadelphia) mandating that all food places post the calories in each menu option. A knowledgeable consumer is a strong first step towards a healthier America. I hope this movement gains momentum and spreads throughout the enter country. For the #1 country in the world, progress sure is slow…