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Keeping up with the Debate

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Without further adieu, I present to you the site which has most greatly simplified my life: The NY Times Topic – Health Care Reform.

With potential medical school interviews looming a few months away, it is of the utmost importance to stay abreast on all current events – especially those pertaining to health care.  Since early 2008 with the Presidential race, the topic of health care reform has been highly debated for months and on the front lines of papers everywhere and news sites across the nation.  After President Obama’s win, the progress of the imminent reform changes nearly daily, with sides unable to come to an agreement, town hall meetings confusing things, leaving me with the feeling that not only are we taking two steps forward, one step back (I do think we are making progress – just slowly), but with each step forward, it’s like we’re pointed in a slightly different direction.  You follow me?

Thankfully, a fellow SDNer (Student Doctor Network user) has put me on to this lovely website that neatly organizes the major points of the debate, as well as pros and cons, and opposing views for the issues on the table.  All I can say is, “AMEN!”  I was getting exhausted trying to keep up with the news daily to make sure I hadn’t missed a major development in the debate.  While I am not oblivious to the news, I try to watch as little of it as possible.  It is just so negative and full of saddening stories or pointless information (at least pertaining to my life).  Plus, it is so ridiculously biased, the newsworthy stuff that actually makes the cut is tainted and unreliable.  Ugh…  I do love me some CNN though – namely Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon (I have major crushes on both!)

[p.s. – submitted Northwestern and Loyola today.  Waiting for 3-4 more secondaries that should be out within the next week or so – my patience is really being tested!]